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Abiko City Museum

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For technical assistance or questions about Birds Museum, call +81-471-85-2212.
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Abiko Ciry Museum of Birds
234-3 Khonoyama
Abiko, Chiba 270-1145 JAPAN
Phone: +81(471)85-2212
Fax: +81(471)85-0639

Harmony among Birds and People!
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Coot :
Official Bird of
Abiko City
Abiko City, located along the northern shore of scenic Tega Marsh, is striving to create an environoment where birds and people can co-exist in peaceful harmony. In this museum, you'll meet birds from Tega Marsh and around the world. You'll study the fascinating science of ornithology, and most of all, you'll come to realize the importance of coexistence among birds and people.